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The work of Argentinean designer Alejandro Sticotti has a modernist foundation: He takes a constructive and receptive influences of a Bauhaus and Scandinavian modern, adds American Shaker and 1950s pattern elements, and merges them with a materials and sensibility of his local culture. His Shelving Units are done from warm, singular South American hardwoods; a straight and plane mounts are crafted of plain lapacho, and a shelves are done with cerejeira veneer. Relying on a steadying army of gravity, Unit A hangs off a master plane bar during a top, formulating stout straight shelving. The notched side of any shelf simply slides into a straight beams, holding it snugly in place. Sticotti Shelving is well-resolved in a versatility: Combine mixed units to emanate additional storage, pierce shelves to opposite levels as needs change or supplement a Optional Desk Shelf to emanate a compress workspace solution.

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